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What are the five domains of the Transformational Ontology?


Think about Transformational information in terms of Motivation, Actions, Guidance, Measures and Assessment (MAGMA).

MAGMA is an ontology used to categorise information relating to transforming something.


Information about the reasons why we are transforming. E.g Visions, Goals, Objectives, Requirements.


Information about the things we need to do in order to achieve those goals and satisfy those requirements. E.g. Mission, Strategies, Tactics, Roadmaps, Plans, Tasks.


Information about the things that will guide others as the Actions are executed. E.g Principles, Polices, Standards, Rules, Values, Frameworks (MACE)


Information about the things that will allow us to know if we have achieved our goals and satisfied our requirements. E.g. Metrics, KPIs, CSFs,


Information about the things that led to us to choose the target and intermediate structural models (as defined by MACE) and the the Actions (as defined by MAGMA) that will effect the changes between them. E.g. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Pro’s, Cons, Issues, Risks.


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