How was Training?


“It's a good training.” - Executive Director (PVG), PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Personal recommendation is different from use professionally in my organization. Personally, the simplicity in approach is helps a beginner and intermediate users to gain footing in EA.” - Student, IGNOU, School of Computer Sciences, India, May 2012

Here we see how the phases and disciplines involved in Transformation operate on the Structural and Transformational Artefacts. This is the domain that POET helps to structure. POET effectively defines the Conceptual Operating Model for Enterprise Transformation.

The structural Artefacts relate to the structure of the thing we are transforming - usually Operations.

Within your Enterprise, Transformation is using an Operating Model - whether it is good or bad, documented or not.


What Operating model do you use for Transformation?

Do people know what it is?

Is it fit for purpose?

If not, who is Accountable for improving it?

Who is Responsible for improving it?


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