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What is the Pragmatic Publishing Platform and what does it do?


P3 allows Enterprises to easily produce and maintain their own Frameworks and publish them to books, their intranet and mobile devices.

In addition to the Toolkit provided by Certified Training, P3 (the Pragmatic Publishing Platform) can be purchased separately.

P3 is a coherent environment which automates much of the administrative tasks related to the production and maintenance of the base material and the creation of custom material.

¨      Source Components - These files constitute the master files of the Framework or Ontology that all other files are created from. Each component is composed of a Visio file for the graphic and a Word document for the words.

¨      Toolkit – From these Components, any number of Book Document and Powerpoint Presentations can be easily created, based on a selection of the Components.

¨      Website - Easily integrate your framework (images and words) with your intranet to promote understanding and adoption.

¨      Mobile - The images of your framework are automatically exported to a folder (e.g. Dropbox) that can be synchronised to mobile devices, allowing you to carry the core of your framework with you at all times, to promote understanding and adoption.

¨      Books – From the Book documents, physical books can be easily created.

¨      Training Courses – Training courses consisting of presentations and associated exams can also be automatically produced.

The platform uses MS Powerpoint as its base, utilising a custom Pragmatic Ribbon to allow users to manage the material.

¨      The MS PowerPoint file contains all the diagrams used within the framework.

¨      Each diagram is automatically created from the related component Visio file.

¨      Separate .png files are exported in five different resolutions - one for Books, three for the website (thumnail, normal and hi-res) and one for the export folder.

¨      An html file is exported to allow the content to be viewed online.

¨      Custom PowerPoint files are generated based on Tokens associated with each slide. The resulting .ppt files are augmented by timing indicators and appropriate “break” slides for morning, lunch and afternoon breaks as appropriate.

¨      Custom Word “Book” files are also generated based on Tokens associated with each slide.

PowerPoint Pragmatic Ribbon

·         Paste - Pastes the content of the paste buffer into the current slide as a Windows Enhanced Metafile. The Metafile is sized to fit the slide so it fills all vertical or horizontal space depending on the aspect ratio of the Metafile being pasted. In addition, a standard shadow is added to attain a consistent look and feel.

·         Export - Generates the book, website and export .png files (in five\\47 different resolutions).

·         Create - Creates custom PowerPoint and document sets based on tokens that are added to each slide.

·         Token Indicators - Adds graphical indicators to each slide to illustrate the tokens attached to each.

·         Display - Displays information about the generated PowerPoint slide sets, and the questions and tokens associated with each slide.

·         Configuration - Allows the configuration of various settings.


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