How was Training?


“It's a good training.” - Executive Director (PVG), PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - One shop approach not covering only the pure EA but also some areas by others seen as "out-of-bounds" for EA (albeit missed few things). Less academic than TOGAF.” - Consultant, Own, Czech Republic, Jan 2015

The Frameworks in the Family that currently exist are POET and PEAF.

Each framework contains information to:

¨      Set the Context, at the centre.

¨      The bulk of the framework - Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment.

¨      Guidance on its Adoption.

Since the frameworks have been built on inheritance, PEAF inherits from POET and therefore while PEAF has its own Context section, PEAFs context also consists of the whole of POET.

Learning the frameworks is therefore a process of beginning at the centre and moving outward.


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