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The Complete Pragmatic Family of Frameworks


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Once we have decided, and obtained the mandate, to increase our maturity, we then need to know what to do to effect that increase.

Here we look at what Actions we need to perform to transform our Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment.

NOTE: It is important to recognise that these actions are not concerned with increasing the maturity of the individual parts of the Transformation domain for the benefit of those parts per se - Methods (Phases and Disciplines), Artefacts (Structural and Transformational), Culture and Environment, because that is the remit of frameworks that cover those specific areas.

These actions are concerned with increasing the maturity of how all of those things work together in a coherent and holistic manner.


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Questions to ponder...

Do you think that Actions are key aspect of adopting a framework?

If not, why not? What would you change?

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