How was Training?


“memorable” - Technical Architect, Experian, UK, May 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - as mentioned previously, PEAF can serve for new EA Adopters who are looking for very simple framework and trying to step far from certain complex solutions. Although EA came to simplify complexity at work, but relatively speaking, when architects grow their architecture then complexity percentage increases.” - Senior Methodologist, Intelligile Innovation Center, Lebanon, May 2010

In this phase the bulk of the Framework is used to develop the changes to the Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment that were identified in the previous phase and to create the Transition Plan to put those changes into live operation.

This entails taking the content of POET (which provides 80%-90%) of what is required, and modifying it to produce your Enterprise specific Enterprise Transformation ontology - denoted by XOET.

Risks previously identified are also being mitigated.

Executive Management will then decide to proceed to the next phase, to pause, or even stop the initiative at this point.

If we obtain the mandate and resources to proceed, the next phase is Transitioning.


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