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In order to perform an assessment using the ETMC there are two methods.

Face 2 Face

Firstly it can be done face to face. For this, Pragmatic provides large prints of the ETMC which are attached to the walls of the venue, along with post-it notes. This can be done at an external venue or internally. When used internally for an Enterprise, it allows the canvas to be left on the walls for a period of time. Over time more people can be invited to view the information or to add to it. Also, when performed inside an Enterprise, the ETMC can be placed in common areas such as meeting rooms or cafeterias to allow the largest number of people to consider its content and to add their own views.

Cloud Application

Secondly it can be done using a web based cloud application. This allows people from different geographical areas to easily see and contribute to the ETMC. Meetings where groups come together and work on the ETMC together are also possible, where individuals place post-it notes on the ETMC or a “scribe” is appointed for a group to handle the tool and place and organise the post-it notes on behalf of the group.


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Questions to ponder...

Would you prefer to do evaluations face2face using post-it notes, or using the online cloud application?

What do you think are the pros and cons of each?

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