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The Reality Avoidance barrier to getting an Enterprise to mature its Transformation capability is that many enterprises do not want to hear that their Transformation Capability has serious problems, and many consultancies do not want to tell them.


People within an Enterprise can fall into the trap of just not wanting to see or hear that their Transformation needs maturing. It can sound an awful lot like what they are doing is being called wrong or bad. Which it isn’t, it’s just a question of appropriate maturity.  It can also just be yet-another-thing to add to their already overflowing desk. Yet another thing when they already do not have time to do all the “current” things, let alone spending time understanding something that will just add more to their woes. While their thinking can be understandable there are two important aspects to consider.

Firstly the problems they face are probably largely to do with the ineffective and inefficient Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment they are using to do their jobs. It is akin to someone riding a bike as fast as they can, without the time required to reach their goal, while being told by someone that they need to stop riding the bike and improve it. Stopping riding the bike sounds like totally the opposite of what they need to do, however, if time is taken to understand this, it is obviously that improving the bike is the intelligent thing to so. Even if only a little at first.


The revenue a Consultancy generates is driven by the number of man-days it sells to an Enterprise. The more man-days they can sell, the more revenue they will generate.  These man-days are spent on either doing parts of Transformation (e.g. running projects or doing some specific piece of work such as portfolio planning) or on sorting things out when things “go bad”. So it could be argued that the worse that an Enterprise is at doing Transformation, the better a Consultancy will like it. The more things that “go bad” for an Enterprise the more money a Consultancy will make.

If an Enterprise matures its Enterprise Transformation capability (thereby making it more effective and efficient) then it follows that they would spend less money on man-days from external Consultancies – especially when things “go bad” since by definition things will not “go bad” so often or, if they do, to the degree they once did.  For this reason, maturing an Enterprises Transformation capability is likely to be ignored, looked on negatively, or even actively discouraged by Consultancies.

Unless they are Pragmatic!


Questions to ponder...

Are people in your Enterprise open to seeing and hearing about how their Transformation capability can be matured?

Do the Consultancies you use help you to improve your Transformation Capability, or do they just profit from its immaturity?

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