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The interaction between the Structural and Transformational artefacts are shown here. All of the boxes with rounded lines relate to models (based on their associated meta-models).

The Structural Models relate to the information about the structure of the Enterprise at various levels of Transformation abstraction and can exist in two main states:

¨      Current - What currently exists.

¨      Target - What is required to exist. There may also be zero or more intermediate states and there may also be more than one target state representing different scenarios.

The Transformational models relate to the reasons for the Transformation along with information required to effect the transformation from one state to the next.

As you can see these models do not and should not exist in a vacuum. They are all connected and related to one another.


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Questions to ponder...

Is the information you use to execute Transformation connected and related to the information it needs to be?

If it isn’t, what problems is that likely to create?

Are you experiencing any of those problems?

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