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Context is made of different types:

¨      Requirements define why a System exists. It’s raison d'être. For example, the purpose of a plant is to reproduce, nothing more. But Requirements can also be complex with multiple purposes that interact in complex ways. For example, the purpose of a concert is to provide entertainment to a group of humans but it is also to make money for the promoters and performers and increase awareness of the performers “brand” while at the same time providing gainful employment to various other people and giving the performers a massive ego boost! read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

Are you aware of the things in your context?

What are they?

How do you interact with things in your context?

How do you the things in your context interact with you?

Who is “flying” the aircraft of Enterprise Transformation in your Enterprise?

Are they spatially aware?

If not, what would help them to concentrate on the bigger picture?

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