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Here we illustrate a simple comparison between TOGAF and PEAF.

PEAF was never designed to be 100% complete or all encompassing. PEAF was built by an Enterprise Architect, for Enterprise Architects (or people wishing to move into that role, or management wishing to understand EA) in real world scenarios, by observing and experiencing EA failure, and then creating a Pragmatic set of fundamentals things to prevent other Enterprises making those same fundamental mistakes.

In comparison, TOGAF has been built by committee and aims to be 100% complete. In doing so, TOGAF has missed the 20% of the fundamentals things any Enterprise needs to get right, BEFORE, they start to expend 80% of the effort to gain the remaining 20% benefit.

In essence, if you have adopted PEAF, a case could be made to use TOGAF to gain the remaining 20% of benefit. However, as many Enterprises have found, adopting TOGAF before you have adopted PEAF is foolhardy - you cannot gain the remaining 20% of benefit before you have first put in the place the 20% (and gained the 80% benefit) of fundamentals that PEAF provides.

This is the reason why 99% of EA initiatives fail.

Not because they tried to adopt TOGAF.

But because they tried to adopt TOGAF, before adopting PEAF.

Another related point is that, because of TOGAF’s size/complexity/detail, TOGAF requires a huge amount of customisation in order to adopt it. In addition, TOG provides nothing to aid an Enterprise in this regard. As a comparison, because of PEAF’s simplicity, PEAF requires minimal customisation in order to adopt it. In addition, Pragmatic provides the Pragmatic Publishing Platform to allow Enterprises to not only customise it as they see fit, but to also publish the content to their intranet, produce physical and kindle books, and allows the creation and operation of in-house exams based on the customised content.

Many people say that no one is supposed to adopt TOGAF out-of-the-box, and in fact, adopting it out of the box is impossible.

PEAF can be adopted out-of-the-box.


Questions to ponder...

Do you agree with this assertion?

If not, why not, and how would you draw the diagram?

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