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How does Zachman's 'How', 'When', 'What', 'Where' and 'Who' columns map to the Structural Ontology (MACE)?


Zachman’s top two rows equate to MACE but the lower down you go the more IT specific (E) it becomes.

Here we map the Zachman Ontology to the structural Ontology of POET.:

¨      Rows 1 and 2 map to the top two levels of MACE (Contextual and Conceptual) but not completely:

¨      The How and When columns talk of processes and therefore map only to the Process sub-domain of the Methods domain of MACE.

¨      The What column talks in terms of business entities and therefore maps to the Artefact domain of MACE.

¨      The Where column talks in terms of location and therefore maps only to the Location sub-domain of the Environment domain of MACE.

¨      The Who talks in terms of people and therefore maps only to the people sub-domain of the Culture domain of MACE.

¨      Rows 3, 4 and 5 map directly to the Logical, Physical and Operation levels in MACE, however only in relation to IT as those rows only talk in terms of systems and technologies.

¨      Row 6 maps directly to the Physical World level of MACE.


Do you agree? If not, why not?

If not, how would you map these things?



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