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Here we map the Zachman Ontology to the structural Ontology of POET.:

¨      Rows 1 and 2 map to the top two levels of MACE (Contextual and Conceptual) but not completely:

¨      The How and When columns talk of processes and therefore map only to the Process sub-domain of the Methods domain of MACE.

¨      The What column talks in terms of business entities and therefore maps to the Artefact domain of MACE.

¨      The Where column talks in terms of location and therefore maps only to the Location sub-domain of the Environment domain of MACE.

¨      The Who talks in terms of people and therefore maps only to the people sub-domain of the Culture domain of MACE.

¨      Rows 3, 4 and 5 map directly to the Logical, Physical and Operation levels in MACE, however only in relation to IT as those rows only talk in terms of systems and technologies.

¨      Row 6 maps directly to the Physical World level of MACE.


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Questions to ponder...

Do you agree that Zachman gets more IT centric the further down you go?

If not, why not? How would you map these things?

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