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In practice, there is of course an overlap between Architecture and Engineering. The overlap may be small or may be large depending on the problem in hand. This tends to decide whether one person is required to perform both roles or if two people who specialise in each are required.

In this day and age, thinking about things seems to be viewed as a very bad thing as no discernible progress is being made. It should be noted that all the major advancements since time began have come from people thinking about things rather than doing - at least initially. This is not to say that everyone should sit around thinking about things and not doing anything. Doing things informs thinking and thinking informs doing. This is the yin and yang where balance must be achieved for best results and progress. No one ever suggested that people should stop doing things, but it is common for people to suggest that people should stop thinking about things “Just do it!” - not explicitly because when you say it explicitly, as I have just done, it sounds ludicrous in the extreme, but in practice, in life, in the day to day run of things, thinking is routinely put on the back burner as the next urgent (but probably unimportant) thing becomes the focus.

One of the differences between doing and thinking is that doing things has many limitations. Thinking has no literally no limitations. It is hardly surprising therefore that innovation and progress comes more from thinking than doing, albeit you do not see the fruits until something is built. For example, the fantastic smartphones we have today did not come from doing things, they can from thinking about what could be done. Thinking created the catalyst and doing made it happen. They had to be envisaged first. In that way, engineering places limitations on architecting however, architecting pushes those limitations and boundaries and thereby advances Engineering.


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Questions to ponder...

Do you agree that Architecture is more about Why, while engineering is more about How?

What do other people in your Enterprise believe?

If there is not a common understanding, does this create problems?

If so, what is the impact of those problems?

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