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We all make decisions. Constantly. Every single day of our lives.

We all like to make decisions. Important people make decisions. We like to feel important. It’s almost like a drug. He who decides has power. He who decides is important. But with great power comes great responsibility. And the responsibility that comes with making decisions is the responsibility to accept when you discover they are “wrong”, and change them when necessary. Unfortunately, changing decisions is generally much harder than making them. read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

Are decision makers allowed to change decisions?

How do people react when decision makers change their decisions?

Are decision makers open to listening to people who expose new context or implications?

What happens to people who expose new context or implications?

Does your Enterprise want to increase the quality of, and reduce the costs of, Transformation?

Does your Enterprise's culture allow its culture to be changed?

If not, what is preventing it?

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