Here we see two final lines - Blue and Orange. They both are illustrations of the difference between Transformation Costs if we do not utilise Enterprise Debt™ and Transformation Costs if we do utilise Enterprise Debt™.

They essentially answer the question:

“If I utilise Enterprise Debt™ how much money will I save”

The lines are shown negative as negative = savings, positive = costs.

The difference between them is that the Blue line includes the savings we also make in Enterprise Debt™ while the Orange line does not.

Transformation Costs Saved (Excluding ED) = Transformation Costs (ED Managed) - Transformation Costs (ED Hidden)

Transformation Costs Saved (Including ED) = T Transformation Costs Saved (Excluding ED) + [ Enterprise Debt (ED Managed)- Enterprise Debt (ED Hidden) ]

Although the Orange line does show savings over time, the savings appear moderate and indeed rise initially meaning there are no savings at all - in fact it will cost us more!!!! But, when you factor in the Enterprise Debt that we are saving, the Blue line shows how massive the savings can become.


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