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These are the fundamental phases of Transformation which sit between the fundamental levels of Transformation.

Starting at Strategising,, the transformation at each phase takes us closer to the physical world.

¨      Strategising - Why Should I Care?

¨      Roadmapping - Plan of action.

¨      Initiating - Detailed planning.

¨      Elaborating - Designing the changes.

¨      Constructing - Building the changes.

¨      Transitioning - Deploying the changes.

¨      Using - Using the changes.

The critical piece here, that connects and keeps all these phases synchronised and working together coherently, is Governance and Lobbying.


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Questions to ponder...

Do you agree with these fundamental phases?

If not, what would you change and why?

What fundamental phases does your Enterprise define?

If it does not, does that cause any problems or issues?

If so, how will you solve them?

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