How was Training?


“inspiring and less (if any) bullshit bingo as expected” - Technical Architect, Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Firstly because I believe that every practice of the EA discipline will provide valuable insights as we continue to evolve in our journey towards an effective, efficient and accepted EA practice. Secondly, our team often use the excuse that we under” - Research and Analysis Manager, Standard bank, South Africa, Jan 2015


Number Type Issued To License Issued Location Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
0001203 Tool Vendor Pragmatica Innovations Commercial USA 11/10/2010 10/10/2014 Certificate
0000939 Tool Vendor Intelligile Commercial Lebanon 29/03/2010 28/03/2014 Certificate
0000856 Tool Vendor BOC Information Technologies Consulting Ltd Commercial Ireland 26/02/2010 25/02/2015 Certificate
0000833 Tool Vendor AAM Technologies Commercial Hungary 20/02/2010 19/02/2015 Certificate
0000821 Tool Vendor Future-Tech Commercial USA 17/02/2010 16/02/2015 Certificate
0000465 Tool Vendor PROMIS Solutions AG Commercial Switzerland 10/09/2009 09/09/2014 Certificate
0000271 Tool Vendor alfabet AG Commercial Germany 24/06/2009 23/06/2014 Certificate
0000118 Tool Vendor The Salamander Organization Commercial UK 08/05/2009 07/05/2014 Certificate
0000044 Tool Vendor BiZZdesign Commercial Netherlands 02/04/2009 01/04/2014 Certificate
0000034 Tool Vendor Avolution Commercial UK 05/03/2009 04/03/2014 Certificate


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