How was Training?


I found the style of instruction to be supportive and informative. Kevin's spent time ensuring that each person attending the course understood the concepts and materials, not glossing over aspects that may be hard for us as a company or "selling" a prod - VP Portfolio Management, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


Yes - I think its a great start tool. It is also well defined. I think it could be useful to get EA into smaller businesses as the others are way too heavy - Principal Consultant, Turagit Consulting, Australia, May 2012

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Here we see the core work of a Type 2 EA which is concerned with considering the Enterprise's Current structural state, and defining the Target and Intermediate Structural states to support the objectives of the Enterprise Strategy.

In addition the roadmaps are formulated (Business and IT) to effect the Transformation from the Current to the Target, through the Intermediate states.


Does anyone in your Enterprise perform these duties?

If not, who will perform them?

Are there people in your Enterprise already capable of performing these duties?

If not, where will you get them from?



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