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Very Insightful - Business Analyst - Innovation, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

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No - It is not a straight "Yes" or "No" question. I would certainly recommend PEAF to an organisation which doesn't have a view of EA or to an organisation which is consistently getting "EA" wrong. But if you are looking to influence an organisation that is already practicing EA then it is difficult because they most likely would have chosen the path of one of the frameworks (E.g TOGAF). Hence it depends on the organisation maturity. - MBA Student, University of wales , UK , Jun 2010

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Here we show the common names for the various domains in the EA Ontology.

Many people use these terms (and others) but what they are exactly, and more importantly how they relate to each other, tends not to be clear. This is very worrying since they are all interrelated and depend on each other in complex ways. Not knowing or realising these relationships exist causes Enterprises to try to create one or more of them without the required input information to do so. Or, if that information exists, to not relate one to the other and hence mistakes of monumental importance can remain hidden until much later when their impact is great, which tends to drive people to minimise or ignore them until something catastrophic happens. Not a good way to manage anything.


Do people in your Enterprise understand what these terms are?

Do they understand how they relate?

Do you have any of these things defined despite the input information for their creation was not available?

Do you have any of these things defined and not related to each other?

What do you need to do to improve this situation?



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