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A good use of time, interesting subject common goals. - Senior Technology Architect, Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

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Yes - Because it is relatively lightweight - primarily through being well-focused on EA alone (not IT SA as with most other frameworks). - Enterprise Architect, 0, Australia, Jan 2015

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In October 2009, I posted what appeared to be a very simple challenge on "The Enterprise Architecture Network" LinkedIn discussion Group - Describe the purpose of EA. The discussion received more than 1,400 replies.

Many people have asked this question numerous times before (and will undoubtedly continue to ask it). Each time the question is asked the result is pages and pages of unstructured text: statements, debates, arguments, counter arguments, bun fights, fallings out, makings up, tiffs, love-ins and wars. Occasionally even peace breaks out! That's all well and good but it never seemed to solve anything or move things forward in any way.

So, I asked for only 160 character messages because I wanted to be able to take what people said, analyse them, so as to arrive at a hopefully agreeable definition that included everyone's views that people could then agree with.

The analysis was carried out during March 2010. Having not been able to find any linguistic analysis tools or anyone else to perform a more detailed analysis, it was (unfortunately for some) left to my brain to do the analysis. Whilst this "manual" analysis was very time consuming it was, I believe, worthwhile.

The downside, of course, is that this analysis can be largely subjective and therefore many people may disagree with my analysis. If so, I do not take this disagreement as an indication of failure, but more of an indication of valued discussion. The raw information is provided as part of the PEAF Toolkit and therefore people can perform any analysis on it that they wish to.

Ultimately, while anyone can disagree with the results, the only person that can disagree with the structuring of the definitions (which the results are based on) is the person who wrote the original definition.


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