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Good overview then more detailed understanding of PEAF - Consultant, KMF Consulting, Australia, Aug 2010

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Yes - Because it is one of the practical methodology to use. - Engineer, Independant Consultant, India, Jan 2015

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Our objective, to increase EA maturity, is achieved by adopting an EA Framework which is effected by using the three phases of EMMA - Evaluate, Analyse, Modify. Each iteration of Evaluate, Analyse and Modify builds on previous iterations and leads to increased Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility, and Durability over time.

In support of the EA tactics, the following objectives are identified:


      Determining if there is any appetite to increase EA Maturity.


      Setting out the business case for starting an initiative to increase EA Maturity, determining what to change and gaining the required remit, budget and resources to do so.


      Developing and then making the necessary changes and adjustments to the Enterprise identified in the Analysis phase, in preparation for it to be able to utilise Enterprise Architecture.

These three phases are achieved by utilising the PEAF Maturity Model, which is the Adoption section of PEAF.


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