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I really enjoyed the course. It was informative and eye-opening to the potential power of PEAF. - Account Manager, Sage, USA, Aug 2013

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No - Don't know enough about it yet. - Business Architect, Xchanging, UK, Jan 2015

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Adopting EA is to increase an Enterprise's maturity in its use of The Architecture Paradigm at the scope of the Enterprise to support Strategy Development and Transformation Planning.

One step at a time.

An EA project is one step and can be a large or as small as you like and is driven by understanding how mature you are, how mature you want to be, what the benefits are of moving to that level of maturity and then making the necessary adjustments.

EA is a journey not a destination.


Is this something you and/or people within your Enterprise believe?

What will you do to educate them?



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