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Truly educational and enjoyable - Senior Analyst (Global Performance Optimization), PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

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Yes - Clear explanation of EA as a starting point. - Enterprise Architect, AEGON Canada, Canada, May 2012

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One of the hardest aspects of anything, including Enterprise Architecture, is where to start. Like with any journey, the most important thing to know is why you wish to embark on the journey. Its purpose. Whilst this is true of the Enterprise journey, it is also true of the Enterprise Architecture journey.

The place to start is therefore with an understanding and acceptance of the purpose of Enterprise Architecture, the problems it helps to solve, and how it proposes to do so. Unless this understanding and acceptance of its implications is achieved progress will be impossible.

Like an alcoholic admitting they are an alcoholic is the most important (first) step to helping them, the same is true of Enterprise Architecture. Unless the Enterprise admits there is a problem, they cannot be helped and in fact will probably actively derail any attempt to do so.

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