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Very good. The subject matter was presented clearly and concisely, and held my attention. - Development Team Leader, Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


No - Haven't really spent enough time on it - Architect, De Ridder Consulting b.v.b.a., Belgium, May 2010

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PEAF is obviously the framework in use here, however, we need to make sure that PEAF fits in with the other frameworks the Enterprise uses in the Enterprise Architecture domain (as defined by PEAF.

This section would therefore need expanding to include the frameworks you currently use and information on how they overlap and interact.

POET provides the basis for doing this which allows Executive Management to take a coherent and holistic view of the whole of the Transformation part of their Enterprise, by providing a coherent and holistic framework (Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment) which enables informed decision making about what to change and how.


What Frameworks do you currently use?

How do they relate to each other?

Are there any overlaps or gaps?

If so, does this present any issues or problems?

What will you do to alleviate or solve them?



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