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The Intermediate Model(s) defines WHERE the Enterprise wants to get to and WHEN. The Strategy Model defines WHY they want to get there. The Portfolio Model(s) defines HOW the Enterprise will achieve that transition, by defining the Programmes, Projects and Initiatives that are required.


The scope, depth and detail of the Portfolio Model(s) is not meant to provide detailed project plans. The Portfolio Model(s) should provide only enough detail to be able to organise all of the change required to move from one state (Current or Intermediate Model) to another state (Intermediate or Target Model).

In addition, the scope, depth and detail of the Portfolio Model(s) will get less and less the further into the future they get.


Initially an Enterprise will almost certainly already have one or more Portfolio Models in spreadsheets, documents and/or in portfolio analysis tools. Therefore, initially, the Portfolio Models may not be the optimum mix depending upon the Intermediate state the Enterprise wishes.

In this situation the Portfolio Model and the resultant linkages back to an Intermediate Model may well illustrate shortcoming of the existing portfolio.

As time progresses however, the Portfolio Model(s) will increasingly get their information and become much more dependent upon the Intermediate Model(s).


Predominantly during the Annual Business Planning cycle, although adjustments may need to be made as the year progresses.


      Provision: Strategic Planning Team.

      QA: The Board & Senior Management.

      Modelling: Anyone trained in the tool being used.

      Update: Strategic Planning Team.


Populating the Portfolio Model is the result of analysing the Strategy Model and the Current Model.

      Analyse the Intermediate Model

      QA the information

      Load the information

      Integrate the Information


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