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Excellent presentation of EA combined with a practical and usable framework. - Senior Systems Developer II, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

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Yes - The starting process and materials for key stakeholder engagement - n/a, n/a, UK, Feb 2015

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The fourth main barrier to adoption is that we want to change a broken system of Transformation - specifically (from an EA perspective) we want to change the flawed Strategising and Roadmapping phases of Transformation.

But to get that work on the table we are generally faced with having to go through the Enterprises current (flawed) Strategising and Roadmapping phases.

This is why PEAF propose a separate adoption process that does not follow the organisations current process, but instead follows the more mature Transformation process defined by POET.

Of course, just because we define it does not mean that people will be able to follow it. We should therefore be cognizant of the fact that we will face a lot of pushback from an Enterprises current Strategising and Roadmapping capabilities.


Does your Enterprises current Strategising and Roadmapping capabilities, prevent them from seeing the benefit of improving them?

How can you get round that?



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