How was Training?


Very good. Enjoyed the content and now have a clear and simple framework to use which anyone in the Enterprise will be able to understand. - Strategy Consultant, Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


Yes - PEAF provides a very good intro and start-point for EA practice (i.e. practice much more than theory) POET provides a consistent overview of how all the parts of an enterprise and its EA interact and support each other - Principle, 0, UK, Feb 2015

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Various training courses are available which are structured for easy and appropriate adoption.

POET training is a pre-requisite for PEAF training because PEAF inherits and builds on POET.

      Advocate Training - Covers the Context plus the high level parts of the MACE sections. It aims to introduce the key Why and high level How, and is targeted at all people up to and including the C-Suite.

      Practitioner Training - Covers the rest of the MACE sections. It aims to complete the How and is targeted at all people up to and including Senior Management.

      Professional Training - Covers the adoption section and includes workshop time to begin to utilise (adopt) the framework. It aims to detail with the How of the How - How the framework will be adopted - and is targeted at the people who will be responsible for the implementation of the Framework.

For Consultancies and Training Providers, Pragmatic provides additional in-depth training and mentoring. Certification demonstrates to End-User Organisations and Government Bodies that the Consultancy or Training Provider can be trusted to deliver products and services based on POET and PEAF.


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