How was Training?


Very good! The course gave me a great understanding of EA and how it is different from EITA. - ESB Manager/Senior Systems Developer II, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


Yes - It is a good framework to explore to understand EA and can be used in specific cases to help establish EA practices. - Lead Consultant & Trainer, EA Global, UK, May 2012

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Be ever vigilant of the hidden confusion that language can create.

The word "System" does not mean IT System, everything is a System.

The Word Enterprise does not mean "large" or "large IT" or "senior". It is a general noun.

Concentrate on the 20% that causes 80% of the effects.

Just doing the right things is no longer enough. You also need to do them in the right way.

Spend more time on Important Non-Urgent work.

Spend more time on fundamentals.

Spend more time thinking. Without thinking, there can be no innovation.

Do everything in a sustainable way.

Management must empower people to be Pragmatic.

Think about structuring your Enterprise in terms of Direction, Operation, Transformation and Support (DOTS).

Appoint a Chief Transformation Officer (CXO).

It is likely that the current CIO or head of PMO is best placed to migrate into the Chief Transformation Officer role.

Fragmenting Strategically important parts of an Enterprise (DOTS) , all over the Enterprise results in a Strategic loss of focus

Think about Structural information in terms of Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment (MACE).

Think about Transformational information in terms of Motivation, Actions, Guidance, Measures and Assessment (MAGMA).

Think about using Frameworks in terms of Evaluate, Analyse and Modify supported by a Maturity model (EMMA).

A Framework is an expression of Best Practice comprising guidance in at least one area (Methods, Artefacts Culture, Environment) and optionally information regarding its Context and Adoption.

Pragmatic frameworks are Pragmatic, Well-defined, Complete, Interlocking, Inheritable and Extensible.

Tailor Pragmatic frameworks to your Enterprise.

Use Pragmatic Frameworks (for free) to improve your Enterprise.

Don't dismiss theory as not important.

To understand the whole, you first must understand the whole.



Use POED as an Operating Model for the Direction part of your Enterprise.

Use POEO as an Operating Model for the Operation part of your Enterprise.

Use POET as an Operating Model for the Transformation part of your Enterprise.

There is no hidden connotation to Pragmatic's use of the word "Transformation".

Use POET as the Context for PEAF.

Pragmatic frameworks were mostly influenced by the thinking of Deming and Zachman.

POET grew out of things originally in PEAF, that applied to all of the Transformation space, not just the EA part.

Yes, POET and PEAF are conceptual/logical! that's what makes them so powerful and important. Use POET and PEAF as the context to be able to figure out the changes required to your current Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment used to do EA.

Use POES as an Operating Model for the Support part of your Enterprise.



When adopting a Framework, accept that the Chasm of Procrastination exists, and bridge it.

Adopt Frameworks by iteration, not in one go.

Think of maturity not only in terms of competence but also in terms of consciousness.

Consider maturity not only in terms of Methods (Process), but also in terms of Artefacts, Culture and Environment.

The first 3 levels of maturity are the most useful for the majority of Enterprises.

Adopting a framework is a transformation process itself. Therefore, MAGMA is used to transform MACE from one level to another.

Advocate training covers all of the Context, and some of MACE sections. Practitioner training covers the rest of the of MACE sections. Professional training covers all of the Adoption Section.

A set of ready to use documents and presentations.

A toolkit consists of: 1. Prepare processes supported by Foundation products. 2. Implement and Operate phases supported by domain specific products.

P3 allows Enterprises to easily produce and maintain their own Frameworks and publish them to books, their intranet and mobile devices.

Make time to UNDERSTAND how you can use POET and PEAF to improve how you do Transformation.

Make time to USE POET and PEAF to improve how you do Transformation.

Get your Enterprise Eyesight tested regularly.

Use Pragmatics Strategy and Roadmapping processes to get Adoption on the table, instead of an Enterprises current Strategy and Roadmapping processes.

Concentrate on problems & opportunities, rather than selling the solution.

Don't reduce adoption to the point of uselessness.

Use POET and PEAF to make sure you don't make the same mistakes that cause 90% of all EA initiatives to fail.


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