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Truly educational and enjoyable - Senior Analyst (Global Performance Optimization), PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

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Yes - I believe in EA and I like the straight forward approach to PEAF in that it is not artifact heavy. - Enterprise Architect, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, USA, Jan 2015

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Fundamentals are of paramount importance, ABC's, Bricks, E=MC2, Language, Architecture, etc, however, Fundamentals are boring!

Do you remember when you were at school, college or university?

Do you remember how boring it all was at first? That's because you we learning about fundamentals.

Do you remember how interesting it got after a while? That's because you were applying fundamentals.

Do you remember how you got all confused sometimes when others seemed to be breezing ahead? That's because you hadn't spent enough time understanding the fundamentals well enough. And why didn't you understand the Fundamentals well enough? Because they were boring!

Even, though we all know that if you get the fundamentals wrong, or you do not understand fundamentals sufficiently the opportunity for failure is immense, in Enterprises today hardly anytime at all is spent on them? Why? Because they are not exciting, they don't produce immediate results, they tend to be conceptual in nature, and if you spend time thinking and talking about them you can be viewed as a bit backward - "yeah, we already did that, come on and stop complaining, we need to pour this sulphuric acid into this water really quickly!"

Put simply, being Pragmatic means - Considering Fundamentals.


What things would you categorise as being of Fundamental Importance?

Is enough time give to these things in you Enterprise?



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