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Here we suggest the Executive Structure required for an Enterprise based on DOTS.

The three fundamental parts of IT are split up and put under the direction of an appropriate CxO. IT Operations goes under the control of the COO, IT Support goes under the control of the CSO and IT Change goes under the control of the CXO.

The CTO role would still exist but only have a dotted line to orchestrate the different parts of IT, in the same way, that the COO has a dotted line to orchestrate the parts of the business.

It is not anticipated than an Enterprise would implement this, as-is. It is provided more as a suggestion to how an Enterprise may begin to organise itself differently in response to the strategic drivers of the 21st Century, namely Transformation and Support.

Are Transformation and Support represented at the CxO level in your Enterprise?

If not, does this cause any problems?

What are the impact of these problems?

What needs to happen to alleviate these problems?



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