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The subject matter was higher level than I was expecting, but the persentation itself was at the right level. - Consultant (IT Strategy and Architecture), Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

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Yes - PEAF is the only operation model for Architecting the Enterprise that addresses the whole of the transformation capability. - CEO, Zachman Consulting, USA, Jan 2015

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In this section, we look at the Artefacts of POET that deal with the information required for Structural description and Transformational description. The WHAT. This is the smallest section in POET. Interestingly it is the thing that most frameworks and ontologies focus on, which when you see the other quite important things like Methods, Culture and Environment might make you wonder how much value they contain. It is understandable however, that people concentrate on Artefacts as they are very "tangible" and because many frameworks come from IT departments and IT people love structure. Methods, Environment and Cultural things are much harder to produce and therefore tend not to be produced.


Before you read the section, what are the fundamental Artefacts that you think are essential for Enterprise Transformation?

What things exist within your Enterprise in this regard today?


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