How was Training?


A refreshing approach to EA, focused on *helping* the business develop an approach and strategy, rather than telling them what to do. The course was very logical and easy to follow. - Executive Director, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


Yes - It is a clear and relatively simple framework to understand - even to non IT folks - Enterprise Architect, Alberta Health Services, Canada, May 2012

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In addition Pragmatic supplies the Enterprise Transformation Maturity Canvas.

This canvas can be used by printing and sticking these large sheets to a wall and letting people physically stick post-it notes on them, or it can be done online - with people remotely collaborating.

The colour of the post-it notes used indicate:

      Green - Things which people think are good.

      Red - Things which people think are bad.

      Orange - Suggestions for improvement (a positive way of saying something is bad).

Pragmatic offers a free day to 1 day workshop which begins with a 1 hour introduction to the ETMC and the concepts it uses, explaining them and making sure everyone is on the same page. Then, the attendees are asked to use yellow post-it notes to write their name on and stick on the areas where they work.

The rest of the time is then spent facilitating your workshop, working with your team to extract and categorise the most important information.

At the end of the morning/day there is a wash-up session, and over the following days a free report with key findings and recommendations will be delivered to you.


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