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Very informitive and a good environment for learning PEAF. - Enterprise Architect, Franchise Tax Board, USA, May 2013

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No - Haven't really spent enough time on it - EA, None, France, Jan 2015

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      Secondly, it provides a framework to Framework Providers as a basis (a super-type if you will) to allow frameworks to begin to align themselves with this coherent and holistic environment. This will provide another benefit to Enterprises in the future because it will allow them to see much more clearly how these Frameworks relate and interface to each other in clear and straight forward ways which allow the holistic adoption of them to be much more straightforward. Of course this is likely to take a long time because framework providers tend to want to argue about their differences rather than agree on areas of similarity.

Currently, to try to understand how all these different frameworks are related is almost impossible. For all the frameworks you want to use or do use you need to map each framework to each other framework to try to understand how they relate.

But as framework providers begin to use POET as the context for their frameworks and map their frameworks to POET, it will become much much easier for Enterprises and the people who are accountable for how Transformation is effected, to be able to understand how they all relate, enabling them to make more informed decisions about who needs to us what, where, why, how and when.


What do the Framework Providers you use, do to ensure the Frameworks they provide can co-exist and integrate with others?

How do the Framework Providers you use, integrate their Framework with all the other Frameworks in the Transformation Domain?



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