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Gave me insight into Enterprise Architecture as opposed to IT Architecture. Made me realise we have an Enterprise Architecture already - its about how many better practices we can improve it with. (How mature are we today and where do we want to go) - Enterprise Architect, Experian, UK, Mar 2013

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Yes - good starting point for EA - CTO, Trafigura Ltd, UK, Jan 2015

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In relation to the Transformation of Enterprises, there are many Frameworks (Pragmatic EA is tracking over 900) that have been produced to help Enterprises deal with Enterprise Transformation in a more effective and efficient manner.

These things are of various types; "frameworks", ontologies, methodologies, Notations, Architectures, Theories, Models etc, etc, etc. We use the word Framework to refer to them all.

Each of these Frameworks has been designed and engineered to operate with a specific domain or context, for example; strategic planning, project management, enterprise architecture, software design and development, service management, change management, etc, etc etc. We could categorise these Frameworks in different ways:

      Domain - Some Frameworks exist to help with Strategising or Roadmapping, while others exist to help with the design of IT systems, or a particular discipline such as Project Management.

      Coverage - Some Frameworks deal only with Structural elements of Transformation (Categories, Ontologies, meta-models) like Zachman or BMM while others deal more with Procedural elements of Transformation (Methods, Practices, Processes) like eTOM. Others encompass both like PEAF.

      Depth - Some Frameworks provide only high level concepts and guidance, others contain vast amounts of detail and very prescriptive.

      Geography - Some Frameworks exist to serve a particular country or region like The Bank of England Framework, while others are geography independent like BMM.

      Industry - Some Frameworks are Industry specific like eTOM, while others are industry agnostic like BMM.

      Maturity - How mature the framework is - (can be partly related to its age although that can also be inversely proportional!)


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