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It was a very interesting course. My role isn't EA (yet), but it provided me a good understanding of what EA should be in an org. - Director, Internet Development, Hasbro, USA, Jan 2013

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Yes - Helped me better understand what EA is all about. I am using PEAF as a guide for myself rather than as a tool for implementing an EA practice. - Enterprise Architect, LoQutus, Belgium, Jun 2012

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Here we see two final lines - Blue and Orange. They both are illustrations of the difference between Transformation Costs if we do not utilise Enterprise Debt and Transformation Costs if we do utilise Enterprise Debt.

They essentially answer the question:

"If I utilise Enterprise Debt how much money will I save"

The lines are shown negative as negative = savings, positive = costs.

The difference between them is that the Blue line includes the savings we also make in Enterprise Debt while the Orange line does not.

Transformation Costs Saved (Excluding ED) = Transformation Costs (ED Managed) - Transformation Costs (ED Hidden)

Transformation Costs Saved (Including ED) = T Transformation Costs Saved (Excluding ED) + [ Enterprise Debt (ED Managed)- Enterprise Debt (ED Hidden) ]

Although the Orange line does show savings over time, the savings appear moderate and indeed rise initially meaning there are no savings at all - in fact it will cost us more!!!! But, when you factor in the Enterprise Debt that we are saving, the Blue line shows how massive the savings can become.


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