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I am full of theory. - Senior consultant, AutoCont, Czech Republic, Mar 2011

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Yes - Cost, easy to implement. - Enterprise architect, stg, USA, Feb 2015

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Various training courses are available which are structured for easy and appropriate adoption.

PEAF Foundation training is a pre-requisite for PEAF Certified training because PEAF inherits and builds on the Pragmatic Operating model for Enterprise Transformation defined by POET which forms the Foundation of PEAF.

These courses educate individuals and organisations in a vendor and technology neutral Pragmatic approach to improving their Transformation capability in general and the Enterprise Architecture part of that domain in particular.

      PEAF Foundation (days 1 and 2) set out an Operating Model for the whole of the transformation domain (from Strategy to Deployment) and the common patterns of methods and artefacts that allow an organisation to tactically improve parts of it while preserving the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole. It sets the context for Enterprise Architecture in terms of where it fits in, and where it doesn't.

      PEAF Certified (days 3 and 4) concentrate on the specifics of the EA domain and sets out the fundamental pieces to be put in place to be successful.

Classroom Format

All courses are run by a Pragmatic Certified Trainer.

      9-12 Presentations/discussions

      12-1 Lunch

      1-4 Presentations/discussions

      4-5 Certification Exam

Certification Exams

         Exams are marked dynamically in real-time, and so if you get an answer wrong or partially wrong, you will receive feedback for example "Correct but you need to give a little more detail".

         The pass mark for all exams is 100%. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that people understand 100% of the things an exam is asking (which is only a small proportion of the entire content).

         Most people complete each exam in 45-60 minutes, and although there is no hard time limit as such, we will close each exam after 2 hours.

         If you fail an exam, you are welcome to re-sit the exam (maximum of 3 times) at a later time for no additional cost

Self Study Format

Self Study Training and Certification is split into four modules. Each module corresponds to the content taught in the classroom. You can stop and start whenever you like. To move on to the next Module, you must pass all preceding exams.

When taught in the classroom, the course is completed in 4 days. However, for self-study, a more relaxed one module per week or two weeks is suggested. You could do one module every three weeks, one month or even three months - the timing is completely up to you.

o   The books supplied contain 100% of the content.

o   Each study guide provides a proportion of the content from the books required for the related exam.

         Exams are run online via Skype using our online examination system.

         You can schedule your exam using the link on your personal Exam Dashboard.

         All exams are closed book.

         At least 1 week prior to taking an exam...

o   Book your exam by using the link provided on your personal Exam Dashboard.

o   Provide photo proof of identity (photo copy of your passport or local identity card) by emailing it with your name to

         Before the exam starts

o   You must be a in a closed room with no one else present (multiple people taking the same exam in the same location is allowed).

o   You need a web cam that must always be turned on.

o   You need a laptop or tablet and uninterrupted access to the internet and enough bandwidth to be able to send video.

o   You must be available for 30 minutes before the exam for identity checks to be completed and to receive instructions on how to use the exam system.

Target Audience

The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in maturing how Transformation and change is effected within an Enterprise and how Enterprise Architecture fits in and helps with that.

Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge of Enterprise Architecture is required, although it is useful if the attendees have worked as part of the Transformation capability of an Enterprise.

Relevant Industries.

Learning the fundamental discipline of Enterprise Architecture (and the wider Transformation domain) and how to mature it in an Enterprise is not dependent upon any business industry knowledge.

Previous Customers

Experian, Hasbro, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, California Franchise Tax Board, California Department of Health Care Services, Aspen Re, Dunn & Bradstreet, California State Board of Equalization.

Previous comments

We have a 100% positive feedback from the course. Some comments below but all comments (unedited and unabridged) can be read at

         " Excellent, thought provoking and well laid out " - Global Automation Manager, Experian, UK

         " Energizing and invigorating -- helps put the passion back in EA efforts " - VP Marketing & Business Development, Elyon Strategies, USA, Feb 2015

         " It was fantastic course - very insigthful and valuable. Thank you. " - Architect, Freshfields, UK

         " A refreshing approach to EA, focused on *helping* the business develop an approach and strategy, rather than telling them what to do. The course was very logical and easy to follow. " - Executive Director, PPDI, USA

Do people recommend PEAF?

92% of people would recommend PEAF to others. Some comments are show below but all comments (unedited and unabridged) can be read at

         " Yes - PEAF has a down to earth holistic enterprise approach that makes EA goals and approach understandable by stakeholders, management and practitioners " - EA, Independent EA, Greece

         " Yes - It is a great straight forward place to start looking into EA. The concept are straightforward and both easy to apply and understand. " - ICT Architect, Essential Energy, Australia

         " Yes - Because of it's logical and pragmatic approach to EA. I find it less academic than some of the other frameworks. " - Enterprise Solution Architect, TFG, South Africa

         " Yes - a. Provides a good roadmap for transformation b. Vendor and technology neutral c. Simplifies the EA artifacts d. Most comprehensive framework " - Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India

Private/On Site Courses

Can be run and tailored to the challenges of your Enterprise.

Certification Body

The certificating body is Pragmatic EA Ltd.


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