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Intense and in all parts applyable to my own organization. - Enterprise Architect, Malmo, Sweden, Oct 2013

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Yes - easy access to EA best practices. You don't have to read though tons of documents - IT Architects, GDF Suez, France, May 2012

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POET uses the MAGMA ontology to allow an Enterprise to describe the Transformational information required to effect the transformation of a domain from one state to another and notes that this information can exist at different levels of Idealisation/Realisation.

      Motivation - The reason we are transforming, our goals, our requirements.

      Actions - The tasks we need to execute in order to achieve those goals and satisfy those requirements.

      Guidance - The things that will guide others as the Actions are executed.

      Measures - The metrics that will allow us to know if we have achieved our goals and satisfied our requirements.

      Assessment - The reasons that led to us choosing the Actions.


What ontology do you use to completely define the transformational elements of your Enterprise?

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