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Intense and in all parts applyable to my own organization. - Enterprise Architect, Malmo, Sweden, Oct 2013

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Yes - Helped me better understand what EA is all about. I am using PEAF as a guide for myself rather than as a tool for implementing an EA practice. - Enterprise Architect, LoQutus, Belgium, Jun 2012

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While we have adopted various Frameworks and Tools, we have done so in a largely piecemeal fashion. This has created confusion and problems related to how all the Frameworks and Tools operate together as a cohesive whole.

Information is unnecessarily duplicated or information that should be related is not. This causes severe problems related to the time and cost of duplicating information and of not being able to relate Structural and Transformational information in the different phases of the Transformation cascade. Work becomes disconnected and the further down the Transformation cascade the work gets, the more disconnected it gets from the strategic intent.


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