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Very positive. It made me think about what EA really is and the part I can play as a business systems analyst representing the Enterprise Architecture Office. - Business Systems Analyst, Board of Equalization, USA, Jan 2015

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Yes - no comment - Sr. Server and Messaging Administrator, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Canada, Jun 2012

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Again, although POET cannot provide assessment information as any assessment will be specific to each Enterprise, we illustrate here, and provide a placeholder for the more detailed results of your Assessment.

It shows the levels of maturity for each phase (in terms of the methods and Culture used), and for each level (in terms of Artefacts and Environment - aka tools and frameworks).

This example show's a typical Enterprise, where the levels twards the bottom are more mature than the levels at the top. This pattern tends to be common because the further down the phases you go, the more real and concrete things have to be and so the maturity literally has to be at a certain level otherwise nothing could be done.


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