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Very good! The course gave me a great understanding of EA and how it is different from EITA. - ESB Manager/Senior Systems Developer II, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

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Yes - While no single framework addresses all needs or suits all cases, every one including PEAF has something to offer. - Enterprise Architect, 407 ETR, Canada, Jan 2015

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The second main barrier to adoption is that, people do not have (or perhaps more accurately, are not given) the time, mandate, resources or inclination to do so.

Everyone is so consumed with riding the bike (because that is how management drives them, motivates them, rewards them - if you are not pedalling you are wasting time) that no one is bothered about improving the bike.

At the same time, Management tends to blame people for not riding the bikes fast enough and complaining that it's taking too long to travel from Lands' End to John O'Groats and why do people have to keep stopping and fixing punctures and why do they keep asking for expensive maps when the road in front of them is so clear.

An Enterprise will only adopt the Ontologies and Frameworks that are part of PF2, if management provides the mandate and resources to do so.


What prevents your Enterprise from adoption?

Who in your Enterprise can provide the mandate and resources required?



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