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Intense and in all parts applyable to my own organization. - Enterprise Architect, Malmo, Sweden, Oct 2013

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Yes - simple to understand easy to start using good framework - consultant, RNDr. Pavel Sekanina, Czech Republic, Jun 2010

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The fifth main barrier to adoption is that many enterprises have already "done" EA or already "have" an "EA Framework".

The quotes here are important, because:

      When we say "done" that invariably means they tried and failed.

      When we say "EA framework" that invariably means a framework applied at the SA instead of EA level.

      When we say "have" that invariably means they sent a few people on a training course who, immediately on finishing the course, got back to what they were doing straight afterwards, instead of implementing it in their Enterprise.

Tied up in all this is politics and psychology. When something is tried and failed, it is often not tried again because trying it again confirms the first attempt was a failure, whereas if you never try again an Enterprise can bask in the glow of thinking something has been done when in fact it hasn't. The worst of all possibilities.


Has your Enterprise already "done" EA?

Does your Enterprise already have an "EA framework"?

Has your company just sent people on a course and not followed it up with real implementation?

How can you get round that?



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