How was Training?


Intense and in all parts applyable to my own organization. - Enterprise Architect, Malmo, Sweden, Oct 2013

Recommend PEAF?


Yes - according to my research, the best framework for the corporation - System Architect, CCEE, Brazil, Jun 2012

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Those who attend a Professional training course and achieve Certified Professional status, gain access to:

      Toolkit - A collection of Word document and PowerPoint presentations based on the associated book, used to Transform the Transformation domain of your Enterprise.

      Graphics - A collection of Visio documents containing all associated diagrams.

      Supplementary - A collection of support documents used to Transform the Transformation domain of your Enterprise.


The Pragmatic Publishing Platform can be purchased separately and consists of an additional set of files and tools that allow you to create your own frameworks:

      Source - These files constitute the master files of the Framework or Ontology that all other files are created from.

      Toolkit - Easily formulate and create your own Toolkit documents and presentations.

      Website - Easily integrate your framework (images and words) with your intranet to promote understanding and adoption.

      Mobile - Export the images of your framework to a folder that can be synchronised to mobile devices, allowing you to carry the core of your framework with you at all times, to promote understanding and adoption.

      Books - Create physical books of your framework.


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