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Very positive. The instructor was very knowledgeable and passtionate about the subject. - Technology Architect, Freshfields, UK, May 2013

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No - It is not a straight "Yes" or "No" question. I would certainly recommend PEAF to an organisation which doesn't have a view of EA or to an organisation which is consistently getting "EA" wrong. But if you are looking to influence an organisation that is already practicing EA then it is difficult because they most likely would have chosen the path of one of the frameworks (E.g TOGAF). Hence it depends on the organisation maturity. - MBA Student, University of wales , UK , Jun 2010

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And so their meta-models were extended to include things related to the execution of change such as projects, programmes and plans etc. Some meta-model authors (recognising that a Motivation model, an Execution model and a Structural model needed to be integrated and connected) started to merge these three. One good example is the Enterprise Business Motivation Model (EBMM) by Nick Malik.


What meta-model does your Enterprise use to define the information that connects the Enterprise's Strategy to the Enterprise's Structure?

If you don't, how is it defined so that others can use it and relate other information to it?

If it is not defined, what problems do you think will result?


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