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It's a good training. - Executive Director (PVG), PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

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Yes - I think PEAF is a solid framework and process. My current belief is that EA, like many things, is all in the interpretation and execution. Given the right organizational and technology circumstances, PEAF is a great option. However, as we have all s - EA, TBD, USA, Feb 2015

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And so, we come to the realisation, that while it is obvious to many that Structural information exists at different levels of Idealisation/Realisation, it is now also obvious that the same should be said of the Transformational information, where the Transformational information at each level relates to the Transformation of the Structural information at the corresponding level.


Does your Enterprise recognise and deal explicitly with Structural and Transformational information?

If not, do you think there is benefit is doing so?

If not, what problems are likely to result?


While these high level groupings are useful, for real usefulness we need to define them a little more in terms of the types of information that can exist in each, hence MACE and MAGMA. We can then use these structures to determine how complete any meta-model is in terms of these domains.


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