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I really enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot. I will use the material a lot. - Enterprise Solutions Architect, Aspen, UK, Aug 2015

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Yes - Because it is relatively lightweight - primarily through being well-focused on EA alone (not IT SA as with most other frameworks). - Enterprise Architect, 0, Australia, Jan 2015

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This view shows the recursive nature of idealisation/realisation levels in the Structural and Transformational models used.

What this means is that, while there is an overall flow (Contextual, Conceptual, Logical, Physical and Operational) from the top of the transformation stack to the bottom, we also recognise that within each level, information could be Conceptual, Logical or Physical. The Physical sub-level of each level being the required output, but recognising that in order to produce it, work at the Logical and Conceptual sub-levels may be required.

The Contextual sub-level effectively comprises the information from all levels above, and the Operational sub-level effectively comprises the information from all levels below.


Does your Enterprise represent the information at each of the main levels in terms of Conceptual, Logical and Physical (BMM does)?

If not, would it be beneficial to think in this way?



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