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Very good. The subject matter was presented clearly and concisely, and held my attention. - Development Team Leader, Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

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No - Haven't really spent enough time on it - IT Architect, Experian, USA, May 2012

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"The only constant is change!" has been the battle cry for many years but just being able to deal with change is no longer enough. The new battle cry is "The only constant is the acceleration of change!"

How an Enterprise effects Transformation has become a Strategic Strength or a Strategic Weakness, where massive business opportunities can be gained or massive business problems will result.

This is the basic premise behind POET. If you do not agree with this basic premise, then you have no need to increase the maturity of your Transformation capability and therefore no need for POET.

Not the Transformation of Operations, but the Transformation of Transformation, to better enable the Transformation of Operations.


Do you agree with this basic premise?

If not, why not?

What are you doing to make sure HOW your Enterprise effects the whole of Transformation is a Strategic Strength rather than a Strategic Weakness?



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