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I thought it achieved the purpose of explaining EA and how to put it in place, and it was helpful that the instructor integrated the education with a reasonable understanding of what we already have in place. - IT Architect, Hasbro, USA, Jan 2013

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Yes - A good source for EA information. - Enterprise Architect, NYS Insurance Fund, USA, Feb 2015

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Since the whole is much much more important than the parts (Context is King), it is important to have a cohesive and holistic Framework for all the Tools used to aid Enterprise Transformation, to ensure that the emphasis is to use these different Tools to optimise the whole of the Transformation domain rather than just the parts. To stop Enterprises optimising the parts at the expense of the whole, and to begin to allow Enterprises to optimise the whole at the possible expense of the parts.

POET provides this cohesive and holistic Framework and provides two main benefits:

Firstly, and most importantly, POET provides this framework to Enterprises today - for Enterprises to be able to consider and take a holistic, strategic and joined up view of all the Tools they use for Enterprise Transformation rather than point solutions. POET is the only framework in the world that does this.


What Transformational Tools do you use?

Are there overlaps?

Are there gaps?

Are there inconsistencies?

What do you use to decide which Tools to use, where and how?

What do you use to orchestrate the Tools you use into a holistic, coherent and cooperative whole?



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