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It's great to do a deep dive of framework materials - a course participant can always uncovers tidbits of value that are overlooked or minimized during the pressures of actual practice. - Enterprise Architect, Green Tree Services, USA, Aug 2013

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Yes - It is good starting point to reference, because it's well structured and easily understood rather than TOGAF. - Student, KAIST, Korea, Jan 2015

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The Pragmatic Family of Frameworks is all about Connecting the DOTS, but what does that actually mean?

The aim is to make sure we understand the fundamental parts of the Enterprise, but more importantly to understand how those parts link together - as one coherent, cooperating set of Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment, to enable the Enterprise to achieve its objectives in an effective, efficient, agile and sustainable way.

For until we understand how they can link together as one coherent cooperating set of Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment, we will not be able to mature how they can link together.


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