How was Training?


Interaction with the trainer and colleagues was valuable in setting the principles firmly into a real-world context. - Integration Architect, Experian, UK, Mar 2013

Recommend PEAF?


Yes - There is a lot of good information available in PEAF, and even if you don't follow PEAF explicitly, there are probably things to be learned from it. - Director, Enterprise IT Architecture, PotashCorp, Canada, Jan 2015

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MACE is an ontology used to categorise information relating to the operational structure of something:



Information about what is being done and how it is being done.

E.g. Functions, Processes, Practices, Activities, Phases, Disciplines.


Information about the things that are being consumed and produced by the methods.

E.g. Products, Services, Materials, Information.


Information about the People that are being used to perform the Methods.

E.g. People, Values, Ethics, Trust, Psychology.


Information about the technical Environment that is used to execute the Methods and work with the Artefacts.

This Environment includes Information technology (which is a large part) but also includes other technologies. For example if your company is Shell Oil, then Chemical and Biological Technology is also very important – perhaps even more so than Information Technology!).

It is important to note that Culture sits at the centre. Because - Culture trumps everything


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