The 160 Character Challenge


Describe the purpose of EA in one 160 character SMS message (including spaces, punctuation and carriage returns)?


Rationale: Pragmatically, if you can't describe the purpose of EA in one short sentence, you will not get the ear of the people required to utilise it.

No rambling, ivory tower, intellectual monologues here. Just post your 160 characters.


In October 2009, Kevin Smith posted what appeared to be a very simple challenge on “The Enterprise Architecture Network”  discussion Group.

That discussion elicited 1,420 responses before the group was made public. When that happened that Original Discussion was archived and others were prevented from posting any new definitions to it. Since then a New Duplicate Discussion has been created to allow any new people to post their views.



This word cloud was generated using the RAW postings.






This word cloud was generated from the analysed data



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This document contains the analysis and results of the analysis.


This document contains the raw information of the discussion responses.


If you would like to post your response, please join the The Enterprise Architecture Network”  discussion Group and then go to 



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